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2018-19 GCMHL Registration Form
Please use the form below to signup for the 2018-19 season in the GCMHL.
  • Player fees this year are: $555 ($580 if you need insurance - provided by CARHA).
  • Note: all players must have some form of insurance.
Payment Info:
  • NOTE: 1st payment of $380 must be received no later than August 24th, 2018 to be eligible for the draft.
  • Balance must be paid in full by November 2nd, 2018. Failing to pay forfeits your place in the league.
  • eTransfers: E-mail money transfers are preferred and can be sent to: gcmhl.treasurer@gmail.com
  • Cheques can be made payable to: GCMHL. 1st one for $380 dated no later that August 24th, 2018 and the 2nd ($200 or $175) one dated no later than November 2nd, 2018.
  • Drop off cheques (no cash please) at Jason Roy's residence (in the mailbox). 43 Naismith Crescent, Kanata.
Other Info:
  • We are a draft league. All new players to the league must participate in a "Rookie Skate" which helps position you in the draft. The scrimmage will be held on Wed Aug 29th 7:30pm @ the KRC Rink & is mandatory.
  • We are a 35+ league. New players must be 35 (or turning 35) in 2018.
  • Draft is Monday, September 3rd
  • The season begins Wednesday, September 5th
Registration Conditions:
  1. I will not hold the GCMHL or any of it's League Executives responsible for any injuries and/or lost property or damage.
  2. If my league fees have not been paid in full by August 24th, 2018 without previous arrangements with the Treasurer, I will not be eligible for the draft.
  3. If my league fees have not been paid in full by November 2nd, 2018 without previous arrangements with the Treasurer, I will be suspended from league play. Any fees that have already been paid will be forfeited unless balance is paid.
  4. I have read and accept the rules of the league as defined by the League Constitution.
New Players:
  • Select "I'm a New Player" and fill out the info.
  • Please use the "Extra Info" field to describe your level of play. This helps position you in the draft.
Returning/Alumni/Past Rookie Skate Players:
  • Pick your name from the existing player list and fill-in any fields that need updating.
Any questions or issues please contact

Registration is now closed for 2018-19. Check back next year.
Currently Registered (148)
Ahee, Trevor2 months agonew
Aikman, Scott3 months ago
Arrigo, Richard2 months ago
Barclay, Craig2 months ago
Battye, James2 months ago
Belair, Frank2 months ago
Belland, Terry3 months ago
Bochert, Gary2 months ago
Bordeleau, Christian 1 month agonew
Boyling, Richard2 months ago
Bradley, Paul2 months ago
Brisson, Nick2 months ago
brussa-toi, chris1 month agonew
Bunker, Noel2 months agonew
Burnett, Mike2 months ago
Campbell, Sheldon2 months ago
Carchidi, Bruno2 months ago
Carkner, Chris 1 month ago
Chabot, Chris2 months agonew
Chayer, Paul2 months ago
Clarke, Steve2 months ago
Clifton, Brian1 month ago
Colvin, Eric2 months ago
Cooke, Neil2 months ago
Couch, Ryan2 months ago
Cusson, Patrick2 months agonew
Daniels, Steve1 month ago
Davidson, Nick2 months ago
Dechamplain, David1 month ago
Dechamplain, Louis2 months ago
Deering, Shawn1 month agonew
Deschamps, Pierre2 months ago
Desmarais, Fran├žois2 months agonew
Drisdelle, Jeff3 months ago
Drohan, Mike1 month ago
Dudley, Bruce1 month ago
Dudman, Shamus 2 months agoalum
Earle, Kevin2 months ago
Ellsworth, Dan1 month ago
English, Shawn1 month ago
Feagan, Mike1 month ago
Fenn, Rob2 months ago
Finch, Adam2 months ago
Fleck, Gary2 months ago
Ford, Allen2 months ago
Franko, Larry2 months ago
Gagne, Dan2 months ago
Gaines, Michael2 months ago
Gallipeau, Ron2 months agonew
Goodwin, Malcolme3 months ago
Goodyear, Greg2 months ago
Goold, Jeff2 months ago
Goudie, Shannon2 months agonew
Greco , Amleto1 month agoalum
Greenhalgh, Dave2 months ago
Greer , Mark3 months agonew
Guevara, Gerald2 months ago
Haines, Ron2 months ago
Hanner, Michael2 months ago
Harding, Steve 2 months ago
Hobbins, Chad1 month agonew
Hodgins, Jeff2 months ago
Hodgins, Kris2 months ago
Hodgins, Tim2 months ago
Hogan, Ed2 months ago
Holland, John2 months ago
Hubert, John 2 months ago
Johnson, Blaine 2 months ago
Kelemen, Daniel2 months ago
Kennedy, Christopher2 months ago
Kilmartin, Tim2 months ago
Kirtz, Trevor1 month ago
Kohli, Al2 months ago
Koss, Tim2 months ago
Lacey, Mike1 month ago
Laflamme, Rich1 month ago
Lalonde, Derick 2 months agonew
Lapensee, Jeff2 months ago
Lazenby, Ian2 months ago
Leeks, Steven2 months ago
Leroux, Daniel2 months ago
Letourneau, Nathan2 months ago
Levesque, Robert2 months ago
Lortie, Samuel1 month agonew
Lowrey, Graham1 month ago
MacDonell, Wally1 month ago
MacGowan, Daren2 months ago
MacPherson, Rob2 months agoalum
Maxwell, Tim2 months ago
McCartney, Dave2 months ago
McDonald, Tim2 months ago
Mckinnell, Matthew2 months agonew
McRae, Chris2 months ago
Miller, Derek1 month ago
Milloy, Jeff2 months ago
Milosek, Chris1 month ago
Moncrieff, Rick2 months ago
Moore, Tim1 month ago
Morreau, Chad3 months ago
Murphy, Jim2 months ago
Newberry, Jared3 months ago
O'Neill, Greg2 months agoalum
Painter, Darryl1 month ago
Paquet, Michel2 months ago
Patzer, Steve2 months ago
Paulin, Bert2 months ago
Peddie, David3 months ago
Perkins, Stephen2 months ago
Poirier, Rick2 months ago
Poisson, Dave2 months ago
Ponomarev, Alexey2 months ago
Power, Joe2 months ago
Radford, Dave3 months ago
Rafuse, Mark2 months ago
Ranger, Wes2 months ago
Rawson, Jeff2 months ago
Robin, Shaun2 months ago
Rollin, Dan2 months ago
Roose, Jason3 months ago
Roose, Shane2 months ago
Ross, Colin2 months ago
Ross, Jonathan2 months ago
Roy, Jason3 months ago
Samojlenko, Philip2 months ago
Scharf, Tim2 months ago
Seguin, Paul2 months ago
Smith, Trevor2 months ago
Snider, John1 month agonew
Spooner, Brad3 months ago
Sprott, Chris2 months agonew
Stoparczyk, Derek2 months ago
Sullivan, David1 month ago
Sullivan, Sean1 month ago
Sweeney, Trevor2 months ago
Talbot, Scott2 months ago
Thompson, Dean3 months ago
Tubman, Brad2 months ago
Turner, Derek2 months ago
Vandenboom, Geoff2 months ago
Vihtari, Mikael2 months ago
Wakelin, Jay2 months ago
Walker, Brad2 months ago
Weber, Brad2 months ago
Welsh, Ryan2 months ago
West, Joshua2 months ago
White, Kyle 2 months agonew
Woodburn, Kevin2 months ago
Zimmerling, Larry2 months ago